Saturday, July 25, 2009

Let me tell you 'bout my best friend

Ezra LOVES animals. We have a cat, Guapo, that Devin gave to me as my Christmas present our first Christmas together. Guapo is still with us and now our kids get to enjoy him. Guapo actually loves Ezra too. Wherever Ezra goes Guapo is when they are outside. Ezra's new thing is to give him "loves" and Guapo doesn't seem to mind too much. This morning it was really cute, we put Ez out in his swim trunks to play in the water but instead he decided to play with Guapo. He was putting cat food in his hand, giving some to Guapo then he would eat some, then give some to Guapo.. and so on. Then Guapo starting drinking water and this is what Ezra started to do, yes that is him drinking the water with Guapo!
Note: all the chalk on my walls again! luckily its just the AZ room and not my house!
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Anonymous said...

how sweet! we have an one- ish year old cat and a kitten that my kids are also in love with! the cats are sooo good with my kids. i'm really happy we have them!

Tannis Hine said...

I miss my little ezra! He definately needs some aunt tanni time!!!