Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3 years and counting!

So i seriously debated if i would do this post or not, in the end i decided to do it because i like to look back on my own post for journal reasons.

Today is mine and Devin's anniversary!! 3 years baby! Here is how it all began....(my version of the story anyway)

As soon as I returned home from my mission my cousin had left for Iraq which left his wife and 2 kids in cold, dark Alaska for 18 months.. so I being the awkward RM that had no idea what i was going to do with my life decided to go live with Tori and the kids for a couple months and figure things out. Mind you, I do not tolerate cold weather at all, so I was only going to be there until it got cold and I was not going to date anyone because i did not want to trap myself in a state that i did not want to live in. That being said, here is the story.

Tori was the first to introduce me to this new thing I had never heard of, Myspace. So we searched around in the Fairbanks area for young single LDS guys and I think a total of 5 guys came up. I saw Devin's profile picture with a his cute cowboy hat on and jokingly said to Tori.. 'hey hes kinda cute lets write him.' Apparently it was not taken like a joke. Devin then received an email in his myspace account saying " hey I'm new in town, what to show me around?" Those of you that know me, know that I would never be that forward with a guy especially after only being home for 2 weeks. Devin liked what he saw though and wrote back, so i of course ignored him. A week later I was at FHE for the singles branch and low and behold there was Mr. Baker staring me down. He casually and very suavely asked me to play pool after the lesson. What was i to do?.. i wanted to run, i was so embarrassed. After the game of pool i quickly said my good byes. Devin continued to email me and i finally gave in and emailed him back. We had a great Internet relationship, but i was still the awkward RM and didn't want anyone to know that i had a crush on this guy. Finally after a month of emailing each other and avoiding each other at institute he asked me out on a real date. He made me dinner, portabella steak fajitas. Devin loves to cook and they were really good. Then we hung out and played games. I wont even go into the details for the good bye -AWKWARD! I really did like him at this point and loved getting an email everyday from him. The next week was the branch temple trip to Anchorage, we didn't drive down together but we left at the same time because there were 2 cars. It was a great trip but on the way back Devin's car he was riding in hit a patch of ice and rolled a couple times. It was the first accident i had ever eye witnessed and it FREAKED me out. Everyone was OK except Devin had a slight concussion so I opted to go to the hospital with him in the ambulance. While in the hospital and waiting for results he asked me to be his girlfriend. How do you say no to a boy that just got beat up from a car wreck. In my head I knew that I did not want to get serious with him because if I did I knew I could love him and that would mean having to stay in Alaska. So my plan was this. I said yes in the hospital but the next day i would take him cookies to make sure he was OK and let him know i could not be his girlfriend because i was moving down to the Lower 48 again. The next day came and I couldn't tell him that.. instead we held hands. I knew I loved him right away and that i wanted to be with him. We dated a very short time, then after Stake conference while sitting in the parking lot on my cousins house we started making future plans together and that's when he asked me to marry him. I said YES.

We were married in the Mesa Temple, it was beautiful. Devin had to leave almost immediately for basic training, that was really hard. We were separated a total of 5 months. Then in Jan. of 07 we found out we were pregnant with Ezra. We had Ezra then moved to Arizona. Here we are still in Arizona but now expecting baby number 2 (any day now might i add)

I love you Devin!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Daddy's little helper!

Ezra puts a huge smile on my face these days. We just love him to pieces. Lately he has been giving the biggest hugs and he will pat your back while he does it too and humm, i love it! As a baby he never cuddled or stayed still(which made nursing very frustrating at times) and even today he does not like to be held at all. But during the day i get about 3 big hugs and it melts my heart. The other day he ran up to me and said "mama" and hugged me and hummed in my ear. so cute. The other new thing he does which i find hilarious is when we tell him 'no' like to climbing on table, he gets so frustrated he runs like 5 steps then its like he looses all body function and just falls to the floor to whine/cry whatever it is..at first i was like "what are theses tantrums" but i find them really cute and funny now. I can't believe he is going to be a big brother in about 3 weeks now.. lets hope its 3 and not longer :) I know he will be a great big brother and I think he needs a little friend around the house.
I would post Christmas pictures but I am terrible and did not get any-ahh! my mom has one of him on santa's lap if you click on her blog. Also we pretty much let him open all his presents before Christmas, and ours...oops. They were under the tree and they were just too tempting for him and I just didn't stop him. Next year we will probably have to do a lot better at that for him b/c he should know the difference. As far as New Years went Devin's younger brothers JT and Macky came down from Alaska and we played games but I'm not going to lie, we were all in bed by 10:30 except for Devin. Poor guy stays up every year without me, he even poored himself his own cup of sparkling cider! One year he might get a new years kiss!