Friday, November 20, 2009

Devin's Birthday

I'm not really sure how this one didn't make the other bunch of collages. This was Devin's birthday weekend. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Phoenix, dressed up all nice (2 different waitresses complimented us on how good we looked) and just had a really nice weekend. My mom came down and stayed with the kids and his parents helped pay for the room.. We had a great time!
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did we mention that we love these two and just can't get enough of them!

In this collage we have pictures of us having a picnic in our back yard, a play group with all 6 kids being within weeks of each other, Ezra dipping french fries and chicken nuggets into a frosty (thanks GG and Papa), and of course our favorite aunti Tanni has to be int he collage too!

This one is dedicated to Ezra. He is hilarious! Ezra's favorite things to do these days are climbing, running, singing, water, playing with Rylie, and he loves the outdoors and jumping. He has started talking a lot more, its fun to hear what comes out of his mouth and how he says things. He will also give you rocks..its very cute.

This is our pretty pretty princessa Rylie! She is a ham! Ok so here she took pictures in a dress that i bought that was way to big for her so i returned it, but it was sooo pretty, she is wearing her tutu i made her, the chocolate face picture is just classic, and her just being cute. She is becoming a lot more mobile and pulling herself up on a lot of things. She also loves to eat, she is a great eater. Her favorite thing to do is chase Ezra around.

While in Utah we went to Chucky Cheese, Ezra LOVED it. He seriously loves to play. Then on Veteran's day we went to an amusement park for toddlers in Phoenix and again he loved it. He wasn't even afraid to go on rides by himself.
just a side note- i do not have any halloween pictures, so yes i'm going to dress my kids up in their costumes again and post picturs soon.

Vance Family Reunion

Back in July we had the chance to go to Salt Lake and be part of the Vance Family Reunion. We had such a great time and honestly fell in love with Utah. I forgot how pretty it was. Most importantly we got to spend time with Grandma Vance who had been fighting cancer. We love Grandma Vance so much and what an amazing women she was and an example she will always be for me. She passed away Oct. 11, 2009.

The first time I met grandma was actually when we got married. I had talked to her on the phone before our wedding and always knew that she was a woman of faith. She loved and emulated the gospel in her life. She was such a great journal keeper and was adamit about family history. One of my favorite things about Grandma was her thoughtfulness. About once a month we would get a package in the mail from her and it honestly made our day. It usually wasn't much but just a note telling us she loved us and was thinking of us and an old book that reminded her of us for whatever reason. She gave Ezra the book Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson and Rylie was blessed in her mom's blessing dress. The legacy of grandma will always live on in our family. She taught us so much and loved the Savior so much, you couldn't help but be touched by knowing her. She really did make you want to be the best you.