Friday, September 27, 2013

she really is a month already

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first month of life


I am in love.

big, healthy, beautiful little girl.

long eyelashes, it was the first thing I noticed and the nurses too.

Good Sweetie.

first family picture of all 5 of us.

Rylie picked out the unicorn for Mia, Ezra wanted to bring me flowers and chocolate...sweet boy, he knows me well!

Sweetie gave Ezra, Rylie and now Mia all their first baths at home.

He loves her!
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Crazy Baker Kids

I pulled pictures off my camera, here are a few to show what we have been up to.  There are a lot more of Rylie...that is because she is a ham and also since Ezra is at school all day, she gets more pictures taken :)

getting our pedicures with Sweetie.  I am creating a sassy little girl!

She did not like the rags in her hair.  Sweetie made her look "ugly"

Rylie had/is having a hard time with baby Mia getting all the attention, so we went out and had an ice-cream date...I have about 10 pictures of her posing during this trip..she is funny.

The guard had their family day.  Rylie liked the guns.  Ezra liked the bounce houses.  I liked getting out of the house!

Snake face!  His hair is soaked in sweat, he seriously only sat down for this the rest of the time he was running around and in the bounce houses.

I told Rylie to look cute, this is what she gave me.

Rylie started dance.  She loves it. This is her evaluation of the class:
"ballet is pretty, tap is awesome, and mats (tumbling) are fun!"

She loves to help me out in the kitchen.

She also loves to get dirty and play in mud with the boys.

her hair is getting so long and fun to play with these days.

I need a better picture, but Ezra would not stay still for his karate picture.  He kept wanting to kick which made the picture blurry.  He loves karate, training to be a power ranger.
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Happy Birthday Ezra

I can hardly believe that my little buddy is 6 years old!  We were not going to do anything big for his birthday since last year we had a party and also since Mia was only 2 weeks old...but with a new born a round I was feeling like I was neglecting the older two a little so he ended up with a party after all.  We have a good friend that rents bounce houses and gave us a great deal for the party and party city had power ranger everything so it was super easy and fun.  Ezra ended up inviting friends from church. It was perfect, there were 7 kids that came.  It was such a hot day was the only bummer... like 110 degrees so playing in the bounce house got them hot fast.   They mostly loved the bubbles and trampoline- go figure!  He had a great birthday party, good food, company, and fun presents!

Ezra is such a sweet boy.  He just does not do things to be "bad".  He loves his baby sister, every morning, day and evening he gives her a kiss.  He loves Rylie, they are still best friends and I love it. He loves kindergarten.  I love that he loves to learn and is so smart, I'm just afraid that by 3rd grade I won't be able to keep up with him academically :)  His favorite thing to do in school is eat apparently.  After school I always ask the kids to tell me 3 things they loved that day in school..his is always snack time and lunch...and then whatever else.  He has some friends at school that he always talks about so that makes me happy too.  He is great at his rhyming words and I'm already impressed at how much he has picked up on spelling.  He has always had a natural ability with letters and spelling but its impressive what he is doing for his age-even his teachers think so :) His current obsessions are power rangers (still) and skylanders the video game. 
Ezra loves to sing and listen to grown up music.  Loves Maroon 5.  He also loves church primary hymns.  He loves I am a Child of God, If the Savior stood beside me, and I like to look for rainbows.  He is doing so well as far as developmentally.  He has tested out of his IEP at school, however at home we still receive speech, OT, and PT.  New therapist and even his teachers have  told me that they would never guess that he has autism had I not told them, he definitely has more ADHD tendencies that are noticeable. 
I lay in bed sometimes thinking about the funny things he says.  My current favorite is when he meets someone new he tells them "I'm Ezra Kent Baker, but people call me Ezra"
We love you Ezra Kent Baker!!!
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Saturday, September 7, 2013

For you viewing pleassure

 A daughter's first love
 Mia with her blessing dress.  Grandma Neva made the dress from my wedding dress. She is very talented and I can't wait to put her in it for the blessing.
 Bright eyed.
 Look at those tiny feet.
 sweet dreams.
 Devin decided to photo bomb the picture
 so cute!