Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rylie 6 and 7 month pictures

you would think with how much I'm on this silly computer i would've blogged about Rylie turning 6 months.. oh no, she is now 7 months and a week now!
These are a few of my favorite pictures of her from the last month or so. She truly is just a joy in our lives. One of the happiest babies. If you even but look at her she will be flashing you her big smile. And that big smile melts my heart! I love her!!
She has 2 bottom teeth now and is sitting quite well by herself these days. Yesterday she even started the first stages of crawling by rocking back and forth on her knees and hands. She LOVES Ezra. Seriously she could watch him all day and just giggle and play with him.
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the birthday

Ok so for Ezra's birthday we kept it real low key. We went into Phoenix a couple times last week and kinda celebrated there by doing splash pads, museums and bounceU. For his actual birthday we just hung out really, we got some cheap pizza from little caesers (his favorite) opened presents (thanks everyone for the gifts!) and then dug into the cupcakes. I made jello cupcakes with the best frosting ever, they were a hit!
Here are some things that makes Ezra so special to us:
His big cheesy smile
He is a very determined little boy
very happy
loves animals
Loves Rylie in his own special way :)
when he gives you a big wet kiss
he is known as the little escapee in nursery
i love how he pats my back when he gives me hugs
his favorite number is 3 (the only one he knows)
he is a climber
you can tell he is just taking everything in around him all the time
loves the water
loves to play and wrestle around
loves to sing, loves music
still loves dirt and mud
loves to watch movies.. like really loves to watch them
I'm so thankful to be his mom! At times I feel like I'm going to go insane because he is such a busy boy but i wouldn't have him any other way:)
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Ezra is 2!

Can you believe my little guy is 2? I know I can't! Ezra is my favorite little boy, I really just love him to pieces! At night before i go to bed, i can think of Ezra and he just makes me laugh because of the funny things he does during the day. So i was going to make a smaller collage of just a few pics of him the last 2 years but I couldn't pick a few. So I hope that some of these pictures put a smile on your face like they do for me.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is a collage of a bunch of pictures we took off our cell phone. there are some really cute pictures on it and i wanted to be able to blog the. did you guys know you can make a book out of your blog? you can! that is why i am putting up every little thing! some of these pictures are older, like when Ezra was Rylie's age.
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an afternoon to myself!

I decided I needed an afternoon to myself. So Wednesday I headed to the temple, ate at Cafe Rio and got a pedicure. It was a great day, a much needed me day. I love how I edited the picture of the Temple. I am making a goal to make it to the Temple at least 2x a month, that shouldn't be too hard, right? Well for me it kinda is, but I realized while i was there that I really need to make it a priority. I thought of the people I taught in Honduras and how they don't have a temple and the sacrifice some of them make to travel to Guatemala just to go. some of them only get to go once in a life time some only once every 5 years. I live 40 minutes away from a temple and don't go nearly as often as I should! Let us all take advantage of the temple and the blessings it brings to us by going.
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Ezra's day

OK, so last week we decided to have an Ezra day b/c he is turning 2 in a couple days and we wanted to celebrate while we could. We first went to BouncU and had a blast! I highly recommend it to anyone! Then we went to the Mesa children's museum. It was fun, however I think it was a little over his head. And for the price I don't know if it was worth it. Now in 2 years, totally worth it! We then went to the Tempe splash pads.. i actually think this was the most fun of all the activities we did, and it was free! Rylie enjoyed it too. We ended the day by going to IHOP b/c kids ate free and we wanted to try the Hawaiian pancakes, they get our approval! Ezra was pooped by the time the day was over. It was a great day, and made us realize we need to have more days like this and its not that expensive.Posted by Picasa

big boy bed

After Ezra learned to climb out of his crib we decided it was time for a "big boy" bed. I found this bed on craigslist for $40! It looks great in his room. he is actually doing really well at night in it, naps are a different story. the picture of him sleeping with the stuffed animals and toys are a day that he just did not want to take a nap in his bed. i basically put him in his room for quiet time after an hour i went to check on him and found him sleeping in his toys. overall its been a pretty easy transition.
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(the pictures are so blurry b/c they were taken with our phone too, we lost our camera!)