Thursday, September 10, 2009

the birthday

Ok so for Ezra's birthday we kept it real low key. We went into Phoenix a couple times last week and kinda celebrated there by doing splash pads, museums and bounceU. For his actual birthday we just hung out really, we got some cheap pizza from little caesers (his favorite) opened presents (thanks everyone for the gifts!) and then dug into the cupcakes. I made jello cupcakes with the best frosting ever, they were a hit!
Here are some things that makes Ezra so special to us:
His big cheesy smile
He is a very determined little boy
very happy
loves animals
Loves Rylie in his own special way :)
when he gives you a big wet kiss
he is known as the little escapee in nursery
i love how he pats my back when he gives me hugs
his favorite number is 3 (the only one he knows)
he is a climber
you can tell he is just taking everything in around him all the time
loves the water
loves to play and wrestle around
loves to sing, loves music
still loves dirt and mud
loves to watch movies.. like really loves to watch them
I'm so thankful to be his mom! At times I feel like I'm going to go insane because he is such a busy boy but i wouldn't have him any other way:)
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20/20 Hine-Sight said...

He really is a wonderful and fun little boy and he has a really good momma!

Tannis Hine said...

green and red cupcakes and not on christmas!!!! sick! hahaha i need therapy for that one ;) on my heavens those kids are so cute.... give them to me.. now.