Thursday, September 3, 2009

big boy bed

After Ezra learned to climb out of his crib we decided it was time for a "big boy" bed. I found this bed on craigslist for $40! It looks great in his room. he is actually doing really well at night in it, naps are a different story. the picture of him sleeping with the stuffed animals and toys are a day that he just did not want to take a nap in his bed. i basically put him in his room for quiet time after an hour i went to check on him and found him sleeping in his toys. overall its been a pretty easy transition.
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(the pictures are so blurry b/c they were taken with our phone too, we lost our camera!)


Jocey said...

I hate that week of big bed for naptime. I still have Alyssa in a crib! and am waiting as long as I can!!! It is so funny the things these kids find to do with that door closed.

Bunce Family said...

that is adorable i have some like that aren't they just priceless?