Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ezra's day

OK, so last week we decided to have an Ezra day b/c he is turning 2 in a couple days and we wanted to celebrate while we could. We first went to BouncU and had a blast! I highly recommend it to anyone! Then we went to the Mesa children's museum. It was fun, however I think it was a little over his head. And for the price I don't know if it was worth it. Now in 2 years, totally worth it! We then went to the Tempe splash pads.. i actually think this was the most fun of all the activities we did, and it was free! Rylie enjoyed it too. We ended the day by going to IHOP b/c kids ate free and we wanted to try the Hawaiian pancakes, they get our approval! Ezra was pooped by the time the day was over. It was a great day, and made us realize we need to have more days like this and its not that expensive.Posted by Picasa

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20/20 Hine-Sight said...

Again, the cutest grandkids!