Saturday, December 20, 2008

to stress or not to stress

So those of you that know me pretty well know that I tend to stress and freak out about unnecessary things.. of course in my mind they are necessary. Yes I stress and think of every possible situation and scenario and try to figure them out..and of course I have to do it by myself. I may go to you for help but really I hardly listen because I am too stressed to hear what is being suggested and just stress out more.
This morning when Ezra woke up I found him lying in a bed of poop! It was everywhere-his hair, his back, his sheets, his arms..everywhere! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So I gave him a bath and cleaned his bedding, then the stressing began. What am I going to do in less than 2 months when I have 2 babies that poop everywhere? Seriously how do people handle having more than one child. How do I go to the store, and where do I put them both in the grocery cart? What am I going to do at church when Devin has drill and is not there to help me? Do I bathe them together? How do I get them on the same sleeping schedule(this is important to me) or is it possible? What do I do when Ezra has a bad dream at night and can't relax and wakes Rylie up and all she will want to do is nurse? Assuming Devin is still working nights at this time, that is a scary thought for me. And when I am nursing and bonding with my new baby how do I continue to bond with Ezra?
AHHH! So I am asking all you fabulous moms out there that have more than one child for advice because I'm starting to wig out. I promise to listen too. Devin and I were certain Ezra would be at least 2 before we even tried having another child.. that obviously didn't work out. So what do I do, and is it nesisarry for me to stress?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Family Pics

here is a collage of some of the Family pictures we took with my mom. We were in New Mexico for Thanksgiving and thought we should take advantage of some of the fun places to take pictures here. I still need to edit a lot of them, but here are some of my favorites. My mom did a great job! Thanks mom!
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Friday, November 7, 2008

I love to see the Temple

I love living by a temple again. It takes us only about 35 minutes to go to the Mesa Temple. Soon we will be going to the Gilbert Temple. They already have some Christmas lights up, I'm so excited.. if only I could make it snow here for the Holiday's too.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We are Family..

My hermana and her husband where here this weekend and we had a great time..for the couple of hours we saw each other. They both adore Ezra, which is really nice because I take advantage of that and let them do everything! We went to stake conference, from the bits that I heard(while i wasn't chasing Ezra around the church building) it was a great conference. Even when I don't get much out of church because Ezra is a busy boy, I'm always so glad I went because there is always a spirit that is felt there and it helps me start my week off better.
Tannis also insisted that i take a profile shot of my growing belly... lovely isn't it? 3 more months!
Speaking of which, we are stumped on names...any suggestions?...... maybe your name will be the lucky winner, the prize, TBD. (remember we are having a girl)

Bat Boy

That's right Ezra was a Bat for Halloween.. He was not wanting to take any pictures, he wanted to run and play with all the kids and make his mommy get a good work out!

Halloween was a lot of fun, it makes it more fun when you have kids to dress up. We went to the trunk or treat or ward had- that was fun except Devin had to work so I was running around the church parking lot with Ezra by myself and it was 90 degrees out still- i think i lost 5 lbs from sweating so much. Then we came home and we had tons of trick or treaters come to the house, I ran out of candy pretty early. next year I will be better prepared.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Devin's Creation! I know you're scared.
We went to the Greers to carve pumpkins, we had such a great time. There is still one more to be carved, however the kids were getting tired.

The gang. I have a goofy look on my face because Devin is tickling me-grrrr

Friday, October 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

7 Random Facts about Me
seven random facts you may not know about me
1. I can say the ABC's backwards really fast... I actually say them faster backwards then i can say just the ABC's. I learned it in Kindergarten and never forgot how.
2. I love Spanish too much... sometimes (a lot of times actually)
when I am around town and I hear people speaking Spanish, I follow them and answer back in my head things they are talking about, as if I am part of the conversation. One time I got busted- it was embarrassing, another time I lost track of time and realized that my 20 trip inside Walmart ended up being an hour, Devin was not happy.
3. I get really mean in my sleep...I hit Devin all the time and yell at him. I would not consider myself someone that cusses, but in my sleep it sure comes out. When I lived in Utah, my roommate Brittney was scared of me and had to lock me in the house, she also said I would just sit up and stare her down with a evil look.
4. I spend too much time online... I can spend hours on facebook and blogger just checking out all my friends new stuff..but what really gets me is when I spend hours looking at other peoples pages that I don't even know. Its bad.
5. I have a terrible memory... I'm sure pregnancy doesn't help, but I don't remember anything long term. My little sister will tell me things we used to do and I have no idea what she is talking about, so i just laugh and agree. Its not just her that tells me things I used to do either. Its sad really.
6. Devin and I have not been on a date for over a year.... this is not by choice. I think I would be fine calling a babysitter or having a good friend watch Ezra but we moved from Alaska when he was 6 weeks old, in Az City we didn't really get to know anyone too good and we were only in the ward for about 5 months then in Casa Grande we found out I was pregnant again right away and had really bad morning sickness. So now that I have friends and know people in my ward and am over the morning sickness date night is coming soon i can feel it.
7. I have a food problem... this is serious. I can not turn down good food even when I am soo full I want to pop. The bad part is too, when Devin leaves for work I get too excited cause then I can eat!! how sad is that. I guess that is why I am looking the way I am these days. After this baby I need some really good friends that keep me in check b/c I need to loose this 40lbs. Alaska really didn't help and getting pregnant back to back, but I would say it is mostly me.
I Tagg:
dont let me down girls!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I love Rocky point

Devin, Macky and Ezra digging for clams in Choya Bay

Daddy and Ezra relaxing in the nice warm water at Sandy Beach
The Gang.
We ate out at the point, here he is singing La Bamba..Ezra laughed and danced a little
Devin and Ezra looking for clams. Ezra enjoyed eating the sand and little shells a little too much
We missed the best part of the sunset, but here is a shot of it right by my grandparent's cabin.

This week was Fall Vacation, so Devin's mom, brother, and her boyfriend came down from Salt Lake to visit us.. We had a really good time, my favorite part however was Rocky Point. I love rocky point I have been going here since I was a baby. The minute we cross over into the border I feel like I am in my element. I love the culture, the rhythm of Mexico, I love the sunsets, the smell, the tortillas, the huge sunglasses, when I go to church there- I love the spirit I feel, I love Spanish, basically I love everything. Some people cross the border and find it dirty and annoying, not me! I think having gone to Mexico my whole life, getting to know the culture made it really easy for me as a missionary in Honduras to love it so easily. I mean how could you not, right? Rocky Point will forever be one of my favorite places to visit and always hold a special place in my heart.

updates....and more

So my sister informed me that I needed to update my blog.. so here I am, updating :) This is what we have been up to the last couple weeks.
Ezra enjoyed Devin's company party. There was tons of food and very family friendly. This is Ezra playing in the blowup toys(not sure of the correct name) with Devin, Eric and Ethan. Ethan's mom used to watch Ezra while I went to work for a couple of months, they are only about a month apart.

I am trying to be better at stimulating Ezra with more kids and activities. I invited some friends over to have their kids play in the water. We have Ben Greer, Ezra crawling back into the pool, and Ethan crawling out.
I just like this picture. He has figured out where sunglasses go loves to wear them.
This is Ezra's new idea of fun...climbing into things, especially small things and making sure all his stuffed toys come a long with him..

So here are some pictures. We also celebrated Devin's big 25, we had friends over and ate yummy Texas sheet cake and ice cream.. I of course did not take pictures of that.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Cake Fun

The is picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. I guess by the look on his face you can say he liked it.
Ezra didn't just eat his cake he sucked it up...goofy boy. He does this with almost all his food.
This is the cake, the only picture I have of it b/c Ezra broke our camera, but this doesn't show all the finishing touches, but you get the idea.
OK this is not a birthday picture, but it was taken right before his birthday. Just thought Id throw it in the mix.
I can't believe how big he is getting. Here are some of Ezra's favorite things/talents to do.
~play peek-a-boo with anyone including his stuffed animals
~brush his hair and teeth
~Raise his hands over his head to show how big he is
~loves being tickled and playing with his daddy
~can say "mama" and "no"
~waive Bye Bye
~Talk on the phone or anything that might look like a phone
~Lets just say Dance Fever
~Eat, Eat, and Eat
~can sleep through the night now
~play with legos
~play in the water, making bubbles
~loves his teddy bear, I think he thinks they are real
~read books, well actually he likes to look at the pictures
There are lots more but this gives you an idea.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


can anyone help me, i know this should be easy. i am trying to add a cute background but can't get rid of the old blue..what do i do?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

its a girl!

We found out yesterday we are having a baby girl! We are very excited, we both felt like it was a girl, but then again I thought Ezra was going to be a girl too. We couldn't get a good picture of her face because she kept putting her hand in the way, i love how they do these 3D images now. We are lucky too because someone from the ward has already offered us a if i can convince Devin to paint.

Ezra's Birthday

Its official, Ezra is 1!!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone. This was a picture we put on his birthday party invitation.
Grandpa and Grandma Tede came up on labor day and decided to give Ezra a sampling of birthday cake, it was a huge mess! I am dreading his party day with all the kids and cake!
On his actual birthday b/c he got cake 2 days early we decided to make him yummy pancakes with strawberries and whip cream. He of course liked the whip cream the best. Every time someone called on his birthday they sang to him "happy birthday" and he loved it, we would dance and sing on the phone with them.

trip to new mexico

I always know its been a long time since I last blogged because I end up being the last on some of my friends lists.. so here are a couple to keep you all updated.
Ezra and I went to New Mexico about a month ago to get out of the heat, he had a great time being spoiled by Bamma and Papa. While at their house he decided that crawling was no longer necessary, he has been walking full time since our visit.
This is my friend Cathleen's little girl Mariam, we decided to just do an arrange marriage while we were at church, it just seemed too perfect, plus they both have biblical names. Don't they just look so happy to be there :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

FuN iN tHe SuN

It was sooo hot today! Ezra needed a brake from CARS and his toys. He learned to blow bubbles like his daddy. I can't wait for summer to end!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

some more pics of Ezra

when i cant find him i check here first...his favorite chair
Ezra sneaking into the dryer while i get a new wash...yeah hes a busy baby

i think he was tired of the flash..he is trying to walk here
Ezra's tired face...rubbing the eyes is the first sign
Hey everyone!
Well this week has passed by quick! Devin finished his semester, he seemed to have done pretty well on his finals. He starts school again in a week. He actually is doing really well on this night shift job, it gives him more time with us and for school. We had a garage sale, i got to speak lots of Spanish! Ezra is busy as ever still playing with the idea of walking, its just crawling is so much faster! I have another doctors appointment this week, i hope she can give me medicine for the nausea.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
Love, the Bakers