Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bat Boy

That's right Ezra was a Bat for Halloween.. He was not wanting to take any pictures, he wanted to run and play with all the kids and make his mommy get a good work out!

Halloween was a lot of fun, it makes it more fun when you have kids to dress up. We went to the trunk or treat or ward had- that was fun except Devin had to work so I was running around the church parking lot with Ezra by myself and it was 90 degrees out still- i think i lost 5 lbs from sweating so much. Then we came home and we had tons of trick or treaters come to the house, I ran out of candy pretty early. next year I will be better prepared.


Tannis Scott said...

very cute!!!

The Greers said...

When Ezra turns into a famouse actor and plays Batman we can all looks at these pictures and remember when.

hine4952 said...

Ezra is the cutest bat boy in the world....ok, the universe! I am glad He enjoyed Halloween! xoxoxoxo