Saturday, December 20, 2008

to stress or not to stress

So those of you that know me pretty well know that I tend to stress and freak out about unnecessary things.. of course in my mind they are necessary. Yes I stress and think of every possible situation and scenario and try to figure them out..and of course I have to do it by myself. I may go to you for help but really I hardly listen because I am too stressed to hear what is being suggested and just stress out more.
This morning when Ezra woke up I found him lying in a bed of poop! It was everywhere-his hair, his back, his sheets, his arms..everywhere! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? So I gave him a bath and cleaned his bedding, then the stressing began. What am I going to do in less than 2 months when I have 2 babies that poop everywhere? Seriously how do people handle having more than one child. How do I go to the store, and where do I put them both in the grocery cart? What am I going to do at church when Devin has drill and is not there to help me? Do I bathe them together? How do I get them on the same sleeping schedule(this is important to me) or is it possible? What do I do when Ezra has a bad dream at night and can't relax and wakes Rylie up and all she will want to do is nurse? Assuming Devin is still working nights at this time, that is a scary thought for me. And when I am nursing and bonding with my new baby how do I continue to bond with Ezra?
AHHH! So I am asking all you fabulous moms out there that have more than one child for advice because I'm starting to wig out. I promise to listen too. Devin and I were certain Ezra would be at least 2 before we even tried having another child.. that obviously didn't work out. So what do I do, and is it nesisarry for me to stress?