Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Cake Fun

The is picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. I guess by the look on his face you can say he liked it.
Ezra didn't just eat his cake he sucked it up...goofy boy. He does this with almost all his food.
This is the cake, the only picture I have of it b/c Ezra broke our camera, but this doesn't show all the finishing touches, but you get the idea.
OK this is not a birthday picture, but it was taken right before his birthday. Just thought Id throw it in the mix.
I can't believe how big he is getting. Here are some of Ezra's favorite things/talents to do.
~play peek-a-boo with anyone including his stuffed animals
~brush his hair and teeth
~Raise his hands over his head to show how big he is
~loves being tickled and playing with his daddy
~can say "mama" and "no"
~waive Bye Bye
~Talk on the phone or anything that might look like a phone
~Lets just say Dance Fever
~Eat, Eat, and Eat
~can sleep through the night now
~play with legos
~play in the water, making bubbles
~loves his teddy bear, I think he thinks they are real
~read books, well actually he likes to look at the pictures
There are lots more but this gives you an idea.


Tannis Scott said...

aw... cute little boy!!! can't wait to see your little girl either!!! ya im way bummed that you can't come either :(

The Greers said...

I LOVED the dance fever! I just laughed because I got a mental picture of the butt shake and the hoe down.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing cake! It looks like he really enjoyed it!

Suzi said...

Hi Tanya, your blog is really cute. I see you are a Twilight fan as well. I just finished the 4th book!