Tuesday, October 21, 2008

updates....and more

So my sister informed me that I needed to update my blog.. so here I am, updating :) This is what we have been up to the last couple weeks.
Ezra enjoyed Devin's company party. There was tons of food and very family friendly. This is Ezra playing in the blowup toys(not sure of the correct name) with Devin, Eric and Ethan. Ethan's mom used to watch Ezra while I went to work for a couple of months, they are only about a month apart.

I am trying to be better at stimulating Ezra with more kids and activities. I invited some friends over to have their kids play in the water. We have Ben Greer, Ezra crawling back into the pool, and Ethan crawling out.
I just like this picture. He has figured out where sunglasses go loves to wear them.
This is Ezra's new idea of fun...climbing into things, especially small things and making sure all his stuffed toys come a long with him..

So here are some pictures. We also celebrated Devin's big 25, we had friends over and ate yummy Texas sheet cake and ice cream.. I of course did not take pictures of that.


Tannis Scott said...

about time you updated this thing! looks like your guys had fun in mexico! ezra is such a cute little guy!!!

Bunce Family said...

haha my mother bought me that same monkey high chair. but it doesnt stay on our table so we used it at her house.