Friday, October 24, 2008

I've Been Tagged

7 Random Facts about Me
seven random facts you may not know about me
1. I can say the ABC's backwards really fast... I actually say them faster backwards then i can say just the ABC's. I learned it in Kindergarten and never forgot how.
2. I love Spanish too much... sometimes (a lot of times actually)
when I am around town and I hear people speaking Spanish, I follow them and answer back in my head things they are talking about, as if I am part of the conversation. One time I got busted- it was embarrassing, another time I lost track of time and realized that my 20 trip inside Walmart ended up being an hour, Devin was not happy.
3. I get really mean in my sleep...I hit Devin all the time and yell at him. I would not consider myself someone that cusses, but in my sleep it sure comes out. When I lived in Utah, my roommate Brittney was scared of me and had to lock me in the house, she also said I would just sit up and stare her down with a evil look.
4. I spend too much time online... I can spend hours on facebook and blogger just checking out all my friends new stuff..but what really gets me is when I spend hours looking at other peoples pages that I don't even know. Its bad.
5. I have a terrible memory... I'm sure pregnancy doesn't help, but I don't remember anything long term. My little sister will tell me things we used to do and I have no idea what she is talking about, so i just laugh and agree. Its not just her that tells me things I used to do either. Its sad really.
6. Devin and I have not been on a date for over a year.... this is not by choice. I think I would be fine calling a babysitter or having a good friend watch Ezra but we moved from Alaska when he was 6 weeks old, in Az City we didn't really get to know anyone too good and we were only in the ward for about 5 months then in Casa Grande we found out I was pregnant again right away and had really bad morning sickness. So now that I have friends and know people in my ward and am over the morning sickness date night is coming soon i can feel it.
7. I have a food problem... this is serious. I can not turn down good food even when I am soo full I want to pop. The bad part is too, when Devin leaves for work I get too excited cause then I can eat!! how sad is that. I guess that is why I am looking the way I am these days. After this baby I need some really good friends that keep me in check b/c I need to loose this 40lbs. Alaska really didn't help and getting pregnant back to back, but I would say it is mostly me.
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The Greers said...

She really can say her ABC's backwards. It is a work of art.
Give my a few days to follow through, I'm worn out. And don't worry, I had to "hint" that Ryan should write a responce to my blog.

The Cash Family said...

That is hilarious about the fact you follow people around and answer in spanish. I can totally see you doing that! I love it!

Lehikoinens said...

From experience, I like to blame the whole gaining weight thing on having back to back babies (and I gained 52lbs), but I know it was ALL ME! I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Isn't it my right as a pregnant woman? Well, maybe it is our right, but then we either have to be satisfied with being fat... (and yes, I'll be honest, I was way too FAT), or you have to be willing to loose weight. I thought it was impossible to loose all that weight. But you'll loose it... I PROMISE you, if I can do it... so can you!! So eat up! Pregnancy is bad enough, the last thing you want to do is watch what you eat!

Anonymous said...

So fun! Okay, I came up with the facts for us and put them on our blog. Thanks for the tag.

Jocey said...

You are just so cute! I love getting to know you!!!!