Friday, September 27, 2013

Crazy Baker Kids

I pulled pictures off my camera, here are a few to show what we have been up to.  There are a lot more of Rylie...that is because she is a ham and also since Ezra is at school all day, she gets more pictures taken :)

getting our pedicures with Sweetie.  I am creating a sassy little girl!

She did not like the rags in her hair.  Sweetie made her look "ugly"

Rylie had/is having a hard time with baby Mia getting all the attention, so we went out and had an ice-cream date...I have about 10 pictures of her posing during this trip..she is funny.

The guard had their family day.  Rylie liked the guns.  Ezra liked the bounce houses.  I liked getting out of the house!

Snake face!  His hair is soaked in sweat, he seriously only sat down for this the rest of the time he was running around and in the bounce houses.

I told Rylie to look cute, this is what she gave me.

Rylie started dance.  She loves it. This is her evaluation of the class:
"ballet is pretty, tap is awesome, and mats (tumbling) are fun!"

She loves to help me out in the kitchen.

She also loves to get dirty and play in mud with the boys.

her hair is getting so long and fun to play with these days.

I need a better picture, but Ezra would not stay still for his karate picture.  He kept wanting to kick which made the picture blurry.  He loves karate, training to be a power ranger.
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Shupsy said...

LOL, love it! You have wonderful kids with such sweets spirits, they are great... they must have awesome parents! ;)