Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Daddy's little helper!

Ezra puts a huge smile on my face these days. We just love him to pieces. Lately he has been giving the biggest hugs and he will pat your back while he does it too and humm, i love it! As a baby he never cuddled or stayed still(which made nursing very frustrating at times) and even today he does not like to be held at all. But during the day i get about 3 big hugs and it melts my heart. The other day he ran up to me and said "mama" and hugged me and hummed in my ear. so cute. The other new thing he does which i find hilarious is when we tell him 'no' like to climbing on table, he gets so frustrated he runs like 5 steps then its like he looses all body function and just falls to the floor to whine/cry whatever it first i was like "what are theses tantrums" but i find them really cute and funny now. I can't believe he is going to be a big brother in about 3 weeks now.. lets hope its 3 and not longer :) I know he will be a great big brother and I think he needs a little friend around the house.
I would post Christmas pictures but I am terrible and did not get any-ahh! my mom has one of him on santa's lap if you click on her blog. Also we pretty much let him open all his presents before Christmas, and ours...oops. They were under the tree and they were just too tempting for him and I just didn't stop him. Next year we will probably have to do a lot better at that for him b/c he should know the difference. As far as New Years went Devin's younger brothers JT and Macky came down from Alaska and we played games but I'm not going to lie, we were all in bed by 10:30 except for Devin. Poor guy stays up every year without me, he even poored himself his own cup of sparkling cider! One year he might get a new years kiss!


June said...

How funny. James has those same exact pj's. We must shop at the same places. Babies are so funny! I could sit and laugh all day. I actually do most of the time.

Suzi said...

You are being sweetheart tagged.
What is your husband's name?
How old is he?
Who is taller?
Who can sing best?
Who is smarter?
Who does laundry?
Who pays bills?
Who mows the lawn?
Who cooks dinner?
Who pays the bills?
How long did you date?
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
Who kissed who first?
Who wears the pants?
You don't have to do this, unless you get really bored.

Lehikoinens said...

By the way-- I am so sad... we are not coming to AZ anymore :( Boo hoo!! The company needs to save money, so they are doing regional conferences instead. He's going to Pismo Beach in Cali. Anyway, I was so MAD! I really wanted to come and see you guys. Anyway, hopefully we'll be that way eventually!

Crockett said...

Cute!! I just kind of ran into your blog! I'm glad I found it though! I hope your doing well.