Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I hate when i do the pictures backwards, this was supposed to be the last one.. This is Ezra happy, watching a movie and eating popcorn.
again happy, he loves ketchup.. i wish i had a better picture of him and the mess he had with the ketchup, it was pretty cute.

so this is where it starts.. ezra is turning 2 in two months and i can tell! there are a lot more tantrums and "no no's" . this is him screaming at me b/c he got the hanger stuck over his head.

eating food(of his choice of course) = happiness for Ezra

Giving Rylie a binky... hey, if he can do it i will take it.. she still will not take one from me.

Ezra climb up on the desk found a sharpie and decided that he need to draw on the wall that mommy and daddy draw on... i guess i couldn't be too mad about this one. This is our measuring wall.

He really likes to climb these days. While in Rocky Point i could not get him to stop climbing out of his pack-n-play. Now that we are home, he has figured out how to climb into his crib just not out.. its only a matter of days i'm sure.

Kinda a goofy picture of his face.. I'm sure he is watching a cartoon. I love this picture. If you look closely you will see one of Rylie's pink headbands around his neck and he also is putting his shoes on by himself. He is very independent these days and would prefer to dress himself.
I love this little guy... sure some days i think I'm going to go crazy b/c I've said No 100 times and every time has resulted in a tantrum from him, but that is what being 2 is all about isn't it? I guess i just need to pick my battles with him better and let him grow.
disclosure: i do dress my son everyday contrary to what the pictures seem to be displaying


Anonymous said...

how cute is he! and your so funny about the clothes thing. my kids are always naked and i openly admit to that. it's just what they prefer.

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

He is one cute kid! I fear for the day Audrey knows how to dress herself because I just know she will insist that she does it, and I'm pretty sure it won't be pretty. Do you know that you can move the pictures once they've been downloaded?

Tannis Hine said...

these are so cute tanya! oh man i love those kiddos! i sure miss you guys already!

The Morris Family said...

Cute Stuff! I put the pictures on backwards too....I hate that you can't rearrange them. At least their there!

Carly Jane said...

Your kids are so cute! I can't wait to see you :)

Crockett said...

I just had to say Brent loves ketchup too. He would eat it with a spoon if we let him :) Brent has no shirt on half the time also. I usually take it off when he eats something messy....Like spaghetti