Monday, January 30, 2012

Ezra is a baseball stud

Ever since Devin and I have been married we seem to be drawn to small towns.  We like living in small towns, but close enough to a big town that it isn't a big deal.  For us living in Maricopa has been proven to be a blessing in more ways than one.  I personally feel like I have met some of the most amazing people out here and the ward has been so easy to move into and make friends with.  Another thing that I love about maricopa and know that this is exactly where the Lord wants us to be right now is the services that we have been able to have for the kids here.  We have been involved with the best therapist ever, been involved with support groups, made best friends with other people that have children with the same challenges, and now Maricopa offers a challenger division for their little league team.  Here is more information on a challenger team and from what I understand its nation spread the word!  This program is awesome, I'm so happy to be apart of it.  Because this is the first year in Maricopa there are only 2 teams.  Most of the kids are around the same age, 4-7.  I would also guess that 90% of the kids are on the spectrum.  On Ezra's team we have some really great friends that play with him.  We had a practice on Thursday and his first game was Saturday.  We got there on Saturday and each child was assigned a "buddy" .  The buddies did awesome!!  Another thing that I love about the little league here is the values they instill for the children.  Opening exercises included a prayer, flag ceremony, and a pledge to the league.  The pledge said "I believe in God, I love my country, and I will obey the laws of the Land"  How impressive is that for a city sport?!  The prayer was also impressive and I just felt like to be participating with this league.  I never really thought we would be a baseball family per se but honestly I love the values and their give back to the community that I would love to be a baseball family now. 

At practice.

Opening exercises.  So impressive!

Colby and Ezra.  Ezra told Colby when they first met " Hi, I'm Ezra. Silly putty is my favorite toy, its so awesome"  Colby responded perfectly and told Ezra how cool he thought silly putty was too and gave him a high five.  it was really cute.

Warm up lap before the big game.

My left handed stud.

Very excited...actually they were trying to hold him back because he was more interested in running to the ball rather than running the bases.

And the cutest little cheerleader out there.  "Go Ezra Go!"

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These are beautiful pictures!

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