Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Random Post of everything in between

One thing we love to do as a family is going to the aquarium in Tempe.  The kids love it and I have to admit it really is one of my favorite places to go.  I love the picture of Devin trying to look like he is holding his breath under water..I laugh every time I see it.  Yet again another family picture where not all of us are looking at the camera at the same please!

We made it up to Greer around Halloween time. The weather could not be more beautiful.  It was such a nice and relaxing trip and I hope we go every fall break.  This trip Ezra broke/bent his arm.  He was acting like Buzz light year and decided to jump off Tim's big ol' truck and landed face first into the dirt. When he got up we realized that his arm was very crooked so we took him to the hospital.  I was freaking out of course.  I especially was freaking out because we were 25 minutes away from the hospital and he was sitting in my lap as devin drove.  He kept wanting to fall asleep and that just scared me so I kept asking him to tell me the ABCs or how to spell his name and anything else that I could think of to keep him awake.  When we got to the hospital the doctor told me that it was fine that he fell asleep..I don't do well with my children being hurt, what can I say? :)  So then we waited to get his arm Xrayed.  Right away they came in to show us the results and said they had never seen anything like this because his arm wasn't broken like they thought, it was bent at a 22 degree angle instead.  Our fear was that he was going to have to have surgery to have them break it then place it but after going to the specialist he decided that it would be OK to let it heal on it's own an just cast it.  It is still crooked today and they said it would take about 2 years for it to fully straighten out but I think he has learned his lesson.  Anytime he jumps off things he now tells me "be careful don't break the other arm." 
Even though all that happened it was such a nice little getaway and fun to see Sweetie and PopPops and Aunti Tanni and Uncle Clayton..even though a certain aunt drove over Rylie's pink box..but i won't mention names ;)

Another random collage because I didn't feel like posting a bunch of individual pictures.  Devin graduated with is bachelors in psychology!!! yay!!! I really thought this day would never come :)  He starts his masters program soon which I'm excited for him but not looking forward to having him back in school, for selfish reasons!  We also got to see our good friends the Tibbs from Alaska recently.  Devin and Jon went to HS together and Jon and I worked at Wellsfargo together.  It was great seeing some Alaskan folks and made me almost miss Alaska-just enough to make me want to visit this year.

The kids have so much fun playing.  This summer/fall we played a lot of hide and go seek, rode bikes with our neighbor friends, Blue's clues,  and had a lot of picnics outside.  They sure are fun to have around and they keep me going constantly.  Sometimes I can barley manage the two of them and often wonder how families manage more than 2 kids but I guess we are given what we can handle.
Posted by PicasaBecause I'm usually the one taking pictures I thought I would post these few pictures that I do have with the kids..i have almost perfected my self portrait pose.  Don't you just laugh and love Rylie's one eye opened look that she always gives, she is a goofy girl i tell you!


Janice said...

What a crazy arm experience for Ezra! Maybe he'll have a natural advantage now at tennis or something. :)

The Spencer's said...

psh... it was a cardboard box thank you :)