Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rylie turns 3!

We were lucky to spend a little time with GG and Papa and Sweetie for Ezra's first game so we thought we would combine the game with the fact that Rylie's birthday was only 2 days away and throw a little party for her.  I somehow neglect Rylie's birthdays because it is right after Christmas, our anniversary, my birthday.. and it's just a busy time of year.  So this year I was going to make sure to throw her a fun party. (Ezra has had a fun party every year..the guilt was getting to me ;) )

Posted by PicasaSo for our fun little party we did a princess and super hero's party.  I really had a hard time committing to it because again it is just a busy time and with TBall going on now too I just wasn't feeling literally I invited people a week before the party and we still had a great turn out.  The kids enjoyed dressing up. It was just play as you want type party. the had a lot of fun.  Rylie got some great gifts, my little pony (her favorite right now), dolls, play dough, and a couple of games. 

Rylie turning 3 also meant that she was going to start preschool.  She qualifies for preschool for speech and so far so good.  She loves it, she loves that she gets to go to school with Ezra.  Before when we would drop him off she would cry because she didn't get to go beyond the gate, but now she does!  These days Rylie is into my little pony, my little pony, and my little pony.  Seriously, the girl loves them!  She also likes the Disney princess', dogs, acting like a puppy, wearing dresses, and of course playing with Ezra.  I love to watch them play. Ezra is a great big brother and rylie is your typical little sister..its cute.  Rylie does not like to have her hair touch in any shape or form...don't mess with her. She is also now saying her own prayers, which is completely adorable!   Rylie doesn't not like to have her hair messed with in any shape or no cute hair style for me to do and no cute bows...sad day. :(  She is talking more and more and she seems to be wanting to talk sentences now just need to work on her articulation.  We love our little Rylie bug, she has quite the spunky personality, but its just what I would expect from my daughter.
Happy birthday Rylie!!!

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Janice said...

I can't believe she's 3! How fun for her to get to go to preschool~