Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mommy wow, I'm a big boy Now!

Playing in the blowup toys during family day for the Guard this last weekend.

My little boy is now a big boy.. yes Ezra is now in nursery! I can not believe it. I'm not going to lie we have looked forward to this Sunday for awhile now. He did great, not a tear shed. Infact they said he was sharing toys with the other kids. When I went to pick him up he had crayon in his mouth so obviously we need to work on that. I hope he always enjoys nursery. He is so cute and still just makes me laugh everynight before i go to bed, all i have to do is think of something he did during the day.


20/20 Hine-Sight said...

my goodness, chuck(Ezra) is the most handsome little boy...really!

Lehikoinens said...

We haven't bought the boys ties yet... I'm so bad!
We are about 6-hours from G-pa Wilkerson. But it's always fun to go down south... with enough notice... we can make it happen!
Also, I think G-pa Baker is trying to get a reunion together around Thanksgiving either in Vegas or St. George. When he was here a couple weeks ago, I told him he'd better start planning it, so people could make plans. It would be great to see everyone there... but we'll see if it actually gets planned and happens. I voted on Vegas... I think its a little more fun. :)

Crockett said...

He looks so cute all dressed up!