Sunday, March 1, 2009

change is good.

Here is how life has changed for us and some updates.

Devin: He is now working days- Hooray!! school is getting more demanding but he is determined to get it done. This week is finals then he gets 1 week off then we start again with another 9 week 12 hr credit term. I keep telling myself..'1 more year, you can do it Tanya, just 1 more year' and i keep telling him the same thing but i think i need it more than he does! As a reward for his hard work he was able to buy and handgun with some of our tax money. He has wanted one forever. He did have a shotgun but was stolen up in AK.

Me: I wake up 5x in the middle of the night to feed Rylie sometimes its only 4x, then at 6:30 Ezra, Rylie and I are all up getting all new diapers, sippy cup for Ezra, feed Rylie, dispense medicine, breathing treatment with Rylie. Rylie is usually asleep again by 8:30 so Ezra and I play around and get that one on one time that he needs, then I try to get them both to take a nap around 12ish so that i can take a nap or get chores done., usually i just take a nap and do chores later that night. Devin gets home at 2 and then we all play and have fun.

Ezra: He can now sing and do the hand motions to Itzy Bitzy Spider (very cute) says 'Thank you' or dan uhh and 'There he is' but is sounds more like der he esss. This is a very fun stage. He loves the outdoors and he loves animals. He hasn't given his sister or sisss as he tries to say much attention. He has been a little under the weather so i took him in to the Doc and he has an ear infection in both ears right now. Next week will be the first week of nursery for him!! i know he will love it.

Rylie: Little Missy is now a month, time has gone by soo fast. She too has been sick, she has RSV but is doing a lot better. The breathing treatments seem to be working really well for her. the other day when i took her to the doctors she weighed 9.5 so she is a good little eater even when she is sick. She is getting strong, holds her head up a lot better and will push up on my hand with her little feet to stand up straight.

So that is our little family update. We feel so blessed to have such cute, fun little kids. Just on a side note my brother Ethan got his mission call!! Panama City, Panama. I am so excited for him. Shaun went to Mexico, I went to Central America and he is going South. how cool is that?!


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family! It is great to hear how you are all doing! I hope you get feeling better soon!

Lehikoinens said...

Everyday is an adventure! Sometimes at the end of the day you say to yourself... "what the heck did I do today... I was so busy that I didn't have time to take a shower, but it seems like NOTHING got done!" Then you remember... that getting kids up, feeding them, changing them, putting them back down, getting them up again, changing them, feeding them, and doing that one more time... pretty much takes up your whole day!! But I'm glad to see you guys are doing well!