Sunday, March 1, 2009

For your viewing pleasure

Thought I should update with some pictures.. so here you go!
taking the kids on a walk to a park.. Rylie slept the whole time and Ezra got some wiggles out

Because Rylie has been sick I still haven't gone to church still and she has out grown 2 dresses, Duh! you don't have to go to church just to wear a dress.. so here is a dress she got from Grandma Baker.. more to come

Ezra is certain that he is to climb into everything and to get into everything. This pot is one of his favorites to sit in while he plays

I just think these pictures are so cute when a baby is all snuggled up, especially a naked baby!

Tummy time! she is getting really strong and holding her head up really well

I put her in this after she fell asleep, it has a vibrator on it and i think think the vibrating motion made her move down..

This is the first hug Ezra gave her and we didn't even have to force him.. however since this picture 2 weeks ago he has yet to hug her again.

Not a cute picture of me but a cute one of Ezra.

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Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

I'm so happy you updated the pictures! I love the one with Ezra in the pot... :)