Wednesday, November 13, 2013

more random happenings

Dad's bday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  He loves his little girls.

Aunt Tanni loves being the best Aunt in the world.


being home all day with Rylie, I get to take lots of pictures of her.  I love her sense of style, she loves to dress herself.

Visiting GG.  We had a great time.  We love her so much.

Yes, I took a selfie. but that's why I blog so I can post my "selfie" pictures.  I loved my scarf that my mom and Tannis gave me.

Rylie insisted I take this picture of her princess that she named Sweetie.

my little ballerina.

Rylie's BFF McKayla.  They just moved into the ward, Rylie will miss her so much. 
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Shupsy said...

Cute pictures! I really like the one of Riley being a ballerina and the one where she is looking at Devin, too cute!!!

Shupsy said...

*Rylie... Oops!