Wednesday, November 13, 2013

conference weekend

My Conference Board, I loved it and the kids did too.

stringing Temples while listening to talks.

to top off our Conference weekend, in-between sessions we canned 20lbs of chicken with the Paynes.  We are so blessed to have them as friends.  Corynn has taught me to be a better homemaker.  I will probably have to dedicate a whole post on how awesome she is after we move, because I will miss her so much.  


and when the kids weren't being entertained and listening there were destroying toy rooms!

We loved spending Conference weekend with the Paynes.  And because of the government shutdown the boys didn't' have drill that weekend so we actually got to enjoy it with the men, which we normally don't b/c of drill.   One of my favorite things of the weekend was when talking about salmonella and the chicken Corynn confessed that she is terrified of it, but when I asked if she ate cookie dough her response was "oh, well yeah that's totally worth it"  So apparently if you are going to get it, get it while eating raw cookie dough :) 
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Shupsy said...

LOL!!! let the cookie dough comment!!! I also love your conference board, I totally need to see how you made that, so I can copy you!!! and you are right, Corynn is awesome, but then again so are you!!! you both are wonderful friends!!!