Saturday, June 19, 2010


I know not everyone likes to coupon, and I totally get that. Infact, I didn't think that I would enjoy it, but I found out that I do. It has become a hobby for me. I have been able to save at least 65% every time I go shopping now. Before I used to be happy if for example my total was $120 but I saved $40. Lately my totals have been more like $75 and savings $210. That is what my bill was tonight infact. Its amazing how much you can get for you dollar with coupons. I get this high when I watch the numbers drop. I love when people stop me in the store and ask me to look at my coupon binder. I love to tell people what I get for free. Not only am I buying things we need but I am getting extra stuff too and I am finally finding a way to have a 3 month supply and not feel like its going to kill our budget. Tonight I am pretty sure I bought my year supply of men's body wash.
I paid for this group of stuff $4! yeah it was pretty awesome. here is what I got for $4
3 Sunny Delights
Pace specialty salsa
8 Gillete hair/body wash (men)
2 whole grain pasta
4 OLay body wash effects
6 scotch brite
3 hand wash
2 toothbrushes
4 Ivory Soap body wash and bar
2 Dial hair/body wash (men)
2 Gillette extra strength deoderant

The way I look at couponing is that even though it can be time consuming, its a way for me to help contribute to our funds available in our budget. I actually really do enjoy it too.


Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

You are awesome! I can't wait till we are moved and settled in so I can get better at it

Janice said...

That is great! I've only done a little myself, and it is so exciting when you get great deals. What tips do you have? Any good sites you follow? I usually look at and get store deal ideas. We don't have a printer this summer, no no coupons. Do you get the newspaper? Thanks for sharing!

Carly said...

Ok ok... Jeremy just told me he would support me if I decide to coupon. So what do you do again? Do you get them from the Sunday papers? Do you print them off online? And then I know there's a blog that follows west coast stores and tells you when to spend your coupons. This is seriously tempting. Jeremy and I just had a discussion about getting the Sunday paper for couponing. Is that what you do? How much does it cost to get the Sunday paper?

Will you email me back?? Or do another post about it (since I saw Janice has a lot of teh same questions.)

ps. you're a champion