Monday, May 3, 2010

to blog or not to blog...

Of course I will blog!
I just want to jot down some thoughts I have had recently.

Things we learned while moving:
we don't enjoy it
don't wait until the week before to start
people are always there to help when you really need them
its easier to move cross country then across town

What we love about the move:
the house
saving money
being closer to phoenix
our new ward seems like its going to be an awesome ward

We really do like the new house and town. We will certainly miss Casa Grande, but luckily we are only 30 minutes away so we can still visit old friends. The kids love the bigger house and a nice kid friendly backyard. We love that we found such and amazing deal and its always fun to start goals, declutter everything, new ward, new friends, and new experiences.

We feel really blessed these days for Devin's job. The economy is tough these days, but he has a good job and enjoys it too.
We are both going to school full time. This term has not been as easy as the last for me, but I still really enjoy it.
I've been making more goals to have more play time with the kids and less computer time-i love it. Being off the computer not only has helped me to realize how fun it is to play with my kids more, but I am able to clean better and have dinner ready.
Ezra is talking so much more these days. I love it. He is my special little man, I love him so much. He sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" so cute! He is playing with Rylie a lot more and is just really catching up to his age. He qualified for preschool so starting the new school year my little guy will be off to school. I'm sad, but they say that him being exposed to kids his age will really help him catch up speech wise.
Rylie is a diva! She has such a high pitched squeel, I need to record it- she won't believe me other wise when she is older. She is using baby sign pretty well. She can sign more, please, open, and eat. She says please, bath, light, Hi (her favorite word) and hello. She loves to be held and tickled and played with. Ezra is still her favorite person. She also loves animals. Our poor cat puts up with a lot with the kids. Rylie was talking to a fly the other day, it was really cute.
On a positive mom note, I have successfully been able to introduce 2 new vegtables the kids will eat and they now will eat almost any fruit I put in front of them. This is huge! Although tonight Ezra immediately picked the green beans off his plate. I will continue to just offering, one day I know he will try them. It took me 21 years to finally realize I like green beans, maybe he will be the same :)
All is well in the baker house. We really are blessed. I am so thankful for the Gospel in my life and my Savior, Jesus Christ. Just remember, "The future is as bright as your faith." -Thomas S. Monson.
I love this quote!


20/20 Hine-Sight said...

I am glad that you choose to blog:) I love your random thoughts.

Janice said...

It sounds like you guys are doing great and are so happy!

Carly said...

Hooray for the move! When do we get to see pictures of the new casa??

Miss you!