Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i love these guys!

i love how both of them don't want to take the picture and have their hands in their mouth!

ok, ok.. .i am terrible about putting away laundry after i wash it.. this is rylie in her crib with all the laundry i need to catch up on... ahhhh!!!

Rylie is officially 4 months old now..isn't she a cutie.. and i just want to add this dress cost me $2.73!

well at least devin is happy to take a picture!

ezra is trying to pick my mole off... rylie likes the attention!


Cami and Phil said...
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Cami and Phil said...

Sorry i thought I could edit that last comment but I couldnt' so I just deleted and started over... this was the just of it...

Cute Pictures! Ok you need to show me where you get your panty hose things for Rylie's little headbands! And how to make the flowers! I know I don't have a girl yet but I have a baby niece and I tried to make headbands but I think I failed... HELP