Wednesday, June 3, 2009

oh what do you do in the summer time....

eating smores for breakfast... daddy's idea! thanks dad!
Rylie was not a fan of the swimming pool, infact she cried the whole time and slept... she even fell asleep looking mad

Colin passed the swim test!! he did such a good job and got to go down the slide.

Ms. Chloe or as she likes to be called Princess Chloe. When they were leaving this morning she asked me if I will just call her princess from now on.. these two are a hoot!

devin brushing up on his diving skills.

me and my little buddy

Ezra(21 months) Colin (almost 8) Chloe (5) Rylie (4 months)... good times!

apparently bunny was hot and needing to go swimming with ezra.

improvising with our toys.. he loves his new 'water slide'

we have had such a fun couple of days. the weather is starting to get a little on the hot side.. which i love because its not cold :) my cousin Tori and her kids came to visit. We have had a blast with them. Colin and Chloe are some of the funniest kids i've heard.. the things they come up with. We invited our friends the Newmans over with their kids and had hotdogs, yummy salad, chips, watermelon, and smores. That night Devin and Colin camped out on the trampoline and played video games. Chole and I painted her nails like a princess. and we went to the city pool and wore the kids out that way too. We love this family, they are the reason we met. Good time, good times!

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Newman Family said...

Super cute pix! Thanks for having us over, it was a blast!