Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some more randomness.

I found my sim card to my regular camera so you get to see more pictures of us! :)  Also, I added a family members to my account to send emails of when I if you are getting these randomly sorry, I guess I just assume you are interested in our family enjoy!

These pictures include some 4th of July fun out at the Casino and bowling one night for Family Night.  Don't you love Rylie's pose. 
(p.s. if you want to see the pictures bigger, for those that aren't familiar with blogger, you can just click on the picture and it will make it bigger)

These are from Rylie's 4th Birthday.  Princesses on Ice came to town a week before her birthday so her and I got all dressed up pretty and went to lunch and the show.  It was fun having a day with just Rylie...she is a funny girl.  I can't believe she is already 4.5, where does the time go?!

Our public library here is seriously fun and does a lot of activities.  The kids really enjoyed Star Wars Day.  Unfortunately, most the pictures came out blurry b/c the kids were so excited I couldn't get them to stand still long enough to get a good picture.

Back in May Devin's dad came to visit us for a week.  We had a great time.  With him working in Afghanistan most of the year and the other part fishing in Alaska, we don't get to see him as often as we would like, but we sure do enjoy the time we do get with him.  Ezra loves to fish, he takes after all his grandpas,  this is a local pond that has pretty decent size catfish.  Ezra has caught a lot of fish in the pond.  Rylie likes to sit there and look pretty, the minute a fish is on her line she freaks out :) 

Swim lessons this summer.  Ezra was a star swimmer for his group.  Rylie was a little more frightened.  But by the end of this summer both of them were doing great.  Rylie made huge improvements.

just random pictures.   Ezra helped dad put Mia's crib together.  He seriously loves to put things together, always has.  He will be an engineer of some sort I'm sure.  Pictures of Ezra's preschool graduation.  He did 3 full years of preschool and the picture with him and Ms. Shannon is b/c she has been with him for all 3 years. I just love those pictures of Rylie.  It really shows her personality.  She loves to dress herself, so she is quite girly in that regard, but she also is a little tom boy too.  She loves to wear her baseball hat and take silly pictures. 

We recently went to the Ranch to go to my Uncle Jay's baby shower.   The kids loved the ranch, GGs house, the animals, running free, and learned the important skill of crossing a cattle guard with Uncle Jayson. :)
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