Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mia JenNev Baker

Our sweet baby girl is finally here!  She was born on Aug. 21st at 9:24AM. She weighed 8lb14oz and was 21 inches long. 
Here are some fun pictures to look at, and if you happen to make it to the end you can read the story of her birth.

right after she was born

kids came to the hospital to visit..he loved her right away

Everything about Mia is cute according to Rylie.

first family picture

going home

only home for about an hour and he needed to giver her a lesson on the power ranger zords

pretty girl...her sleepy face.

Sweetie got her camera out

This is the picture Sweetie has with all the kids. 

one of my favorites

GG and Mia were bonding.  She was very engaged with her, it was sweet.

and one with PaPa

At 39 and a half weeks my doctor scheduled me for an outpatient induction.  The hope was that by getting the gels that soften the cervix that it would put me in didn't.   So two days later since I still really wasn't dilated and my body needed an extra push we did the gels again.  They were painful but they did help my body to start to have contractions so by the time I left the hospital and I was 40 weeks I was dilated to a "loose 3"  However she still had not dropped and my cervix was still very high.  So when I went in for my 40 week appointment I was feeling like she may never come.  They did an ultrasound to check to make sure she was still doing good and turns out that babies are supposed to do practice breathing and in the ultrasound they never saw her do any practice breathing.  It essentially told the doctor that she was ready to come out, so I was able to go back to the hospital to be induced.   So at 40 weeks and 3 days we went back to the hospital at 11PM and then were admitted to labor and delivery for Pitocin.  By 12:30 AM my Pitocin was started.  The contraction were not really that bad so I was able to rest a little.  By 2:30 I started feeling the contractions pretty strong and all in my back.  With in the hour I was miserable.  They also had to up the Pitocin which made the contraction even stronger.  Poor Devin was there all by himself with me, since my mom was at home with the older two.  Looking back I feel bad for him because he really could do nothing right for me, but I don't know what would have made me feel better...back labor is painful!   So at 6AM  they checked me and I was at a 5 and they allowed me to get the epidural.  I have to say I had a lot of anxiety about the epidural since the previous 2 pregnancies the epidural did not work as well as it should have, but I chose to get one anyway.  I expressed my fear and the anasticiologist was great.  He did an excellent job with the epidural that I didn't even know when he did it and right away he put me on my right side so that it would disperse well on that side and then I was flipped onto my left side.  I couldn't believe that the epidural was actually working for me.  By the time the epidural was in I remember looking at the clock and it was 7AM.  My blood pressure did drop quite a bit from it so I had to get additional medicine, but I felt great.   I was even able to rest for about 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes I felt a lot of pressure again and I could feel the contractions.  They weren't so painful that I couldn't talk but it was enough to keep me awake.  Also my body was shaking so bad that I couldn't rest.  The nurse checked me and at that point she wasn't sure where I was because she said that she could only feel the water sac and that my cervix was still pretty high, but she figured I was about a 7.  That was about 8:45 that she checked me.  At 9AM the doctor came it to check me and when they lifted the blanket my water sac and actually fallen out.  The nurse and doctor were both very surprised and said that its very uncommon to see that, so she showed me the water sac and then told me I was ready to push.  I started freaking out at that point because I knew my mom was only 15 minutes away and I really wanted her there but I couldn't wait.  So the nurse and doctor got all scrubbed up and at 9:00 I started pushing and at 9:24 she was born.   10 minutes later my mom walked thru the door.  Honestly it was a great experience and the best labor yet.  The other two were both soooo long and painful and this one was perfect.  Just enough pain to remind me I was having a baby but not so much that I was so exhausted.
Mia is a great baby.  She sleeps a lot.  Like 20 hours a day.  She is a great nurser and when she cries its not very often and its not too loud.  Seriously, a great baby.    She got her name from the kids, they named her after the pink samurai power ranger.  JenNev is my mom (Jennifer) and Devin's mom's name (Neva) combined.  We are so blessed to have her part of our family. 
We have also been blessed to have my mom come a couple days before hand to help us prepare and also stay a few days afterwards.  Devin's mom and stepdad also are here to help out for a few days.  The kids are adjusting pretty good.  They love her so much, but I think they are testing boundaries to see where they stand with us still.   We also were afraid that Devin wouldn't be able to be part of staying at the hospital but tender mercies of the Lord allowed him to be there and stay the whole time.   This has been a very special week and we feel very blessed. 
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Corynn said...

Yay! She's here!

Corynn said...

Yay! She's here!

Shupsy said...

So sweet! glad everything went well and that you have a new healthy little girl!