Sunday, April 8, 2012



Easter was perfect this year.  We had a lot of fun play dates with Easter hunts leading up to it, a ward Easter egg hunt, the Mesa Easter Pageant, and a fun Easter morning.  The ward Easter egg hunt was a lot of fun, I think Ezra got like 5 eggs because he would stop and open them all before going to the next but Rylie was a Rock Star and got like 20!  The kids came home and enjoyed dying the eggs...excuse me Easter eggs.  Ezra kept correcting me when I would call them just eggs, they were specifically Easter eggs. 
The night before Easter we went to the pageant.  It was a beautiful night!  We also met up with the Johnson Family and honestly I'm so glad we did, the kids play so well with them and it was great company for such a special show.  The picture of us with the characters I really debated if I was going to post it, I hate when I look so much taller than Devin.  I need to just accept that I am taller than him.  I think I'm only like an inch taller, but in this picture some reason I loke like 3 inches taller than him..oh well.  Back to the pageant.  The kids did wonderful, 20 minutes into it the Johnson's 2 kids were out and Rylie too...of course my energizer bunny Ezra was the only kid that stayed awake.
Easter morning the kids woke up and enjoyed their baskets.  Ezra got some Toy Story toy characters he was missing in his collection and a chocolate bunny and a couple other little things.  Rylie got a princess toy and a new movie.  My mom bought her the pretty dress and they also got some new paints and chalk paint.   For breakfast I also made bunny pancakes.  We didn't give them too much candy because Devin and I are both on diets and I just don't want it in my house, luckily they are young enough that they dont' care.
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