Wednesday, December 29, 2010

some crafts and an early Christmas present.

Because my husband rocks; he got me a Silhouette for Christmas (OK so I may have ordered it myself, but he said yes..) And he also said yes to letting me open it early because he could understand the logic of that when I told him I could make a lot of really fun, cute, and inexpensive Christmas gifts...I told you, he rocks!
So these are the projects I worked on. The 6 Be mirror project is probably my favorite, that is why it is staying in my house :)
I got the idea for the wall hanging project for a super Saturday thing that my mother in law did. The plates with the Nativity scene I think I came up on that on my own, but I don't know if I did see it somewhere on a blog before and that is why the idea came so easily. So if someone posted it on a blog and I just don't remember, sorry I did not give you credit. The Blessing Block I got the idea from this blog, its one of my favorites to follow.
I'm so excited for the things I can do with my silhouette machine, I will keep posting more crafts that I stay tuned :)
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