Thursday, June 2, 2011


I just want to take some notes on the kids because honestly I am terrible at keeping a journal, and our family blog is the closest thing we have to it. So this post is dedicated to our Sissy, Ms. Rylie Jane. Actually her middle name is Dianne but for whatever reason we all like to call her Rylie Jane. :) Rylie is a now 2 and 5 months and she likes to keep me busy. She is a climber and loves to be messy. She also loves to copy everything her big brother does. Yesterday Ezra was pretending to be Super Why and had his Why Reader in his belt so Rylie had to find something to stick in her belt, the only problem was she didn't have a belt so she was sticking everything down her diaper...little did i know! I have said recently that I always thought Ezra was a hard 2 year old, but really Rylie keeps me on my toes just as much if not more because of her love of messes. Haha, silly Sissy. I can't express enough how much she LOVES animals. She likes to pretend she is an animal too and eats like one, and eats the cat's food too. She would spend all day with playing with animals if she could. She also did a preschool but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it... bummer! She loved it because she got to color and sing songs. She loves girly shoes, the girlier (is that even a word or right spelling?) they are the better. When we go to play areas where shoes have to go off the first thing she will run to is the shoe cubbie and not the slides! She has been receiving speech therapy for almost 7 months now. She still isn't talking a ton, but we are noticing that it is starting to click. Just in the last 2 months she has started talking a lot more. She says "dank you" very sweet and also "where did go"-these are her current 2 big phrases. She uses baby sign for drink and please still and will imitate almost everything I prompt her to say. I think I would be a little more discouraged with her speech, but having already gone through this with Ezra I know that its just a matter of time before she really takes off with her words. Rylie is a lover and and loves to play. She loves to be tickled, get "dizzy" and dance. She loves to be chased and play peek a boo games. She is our Sissy, sugar and spice and everything nice! (most days)
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The Spencer's said...

love sissy :) and I love my sissy :)

Carly said...

Seriously, where did the time go?? She is darling. I love that you call her Rylie Jane too!

ps. Where have I been? How come I didn't know you are a full time student too?

pps. I talked to a girl (one of Jeremy's classmates) a few weeks ago who is going to Comayaguela... and she talked JUST LIKE YOU! It was like talking to the pre-mission you and made me oh so happy.

Love you!