Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Update


Rylie is officially in nursery now!! She had a hard time at first, a very hard time. But we have awesome nursery leaders and she is doing so much better now. It's crazy to me that I have two kids in nursery. She is so cute, she still loves to kiss everything. Infact when i put her in time out the other day she kissed the wall. We are really working on getting her to talk..she just doesn't want to. She is starting to love letters as much as brother, probably because thats all we do these days is letters!


Ezra my man. He is making so much progress, some days he talks too much! No, we do't understand most of it but its so fun to hear him talk and communicate with us. We had a very busy month for the month of August. We were going into phoenix 2x a week for an awesome therapy program we had him enrolled in. It was 4 hours each day, but it is night and day difference what it has done for him..and us!

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Devin has been issued orders from the Guard Unit to go down to Tucson to secure the border. This means that he will be living in Tucson for 4 days out of the week and coming home for 3 days. It will be a challenge, it will last at least 9 months, but we are very excited about the oppurtunities it brings. So before he started his job we decided to go down to Tucson ourselves to check it out and where he will be staying exactly. Then we went to the Tucson Zoo. Seriously one of my favorite zoos yet. We were able to get really close to the animals, it was very clean, well shaded, and not so huge that you felt like you couldn't see everything.


Carly said...

Hooray for darling kiddos and new job opportunities!! I, for one, can't wait until Raymond can go to nursery. Good luck being a single mama four days a week (yikes!!).

Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

Oh my gosh, look at Riley's HAIR!... I know that's not how you spell her name, I can't remember how at the moment. She is darling and looking so grown up.