Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Trip


We had such a great time this weekend. We decided to go to California for the long weekend and just get away from all the stresses we've been feeling lately.
The first day we went to San Diego Sea World. We LOVED it! We sat in the first row to see Shamu, i'm not sure if Rylie enjoyed that but Ezra sure did! I don't have pictures up of that yet because it was on our waterproof disposable..so once i develop that film i will scan some in. The kids loved the Sesame Place the best. They even got to see Elmo dance and sing. Rylie was even big enough to go on some rides. The funny part is they had a toddler area and that was their favorite area, you know those areas that you can go to for free in the mall!!! But it was still fun and Ezra got to fly a flying Elmo. (pictures of that are on the cell phone, so i will post those later too)
Sunday we got up and got ready for church and just followed a guy on a motorcycle that looked like he was going to church. Well he was and we found a building, but it was a spanish ward. Of course i didn't mind! I loved it. There is something about spanish wards and singing spanish hymns and touches my heart and I feel the spirit so strong. We made our way up to Santa Ana and visisted with Devin's Aunt Tammi and Great Grandpa Wilkerson. He is 93 years old very alert still! (pictures again on the other computer.. i will post them soon too) The kids got to meet their Great Great Grandpa and take pictures. I thought it was funny that the first thing he noticed about Rylie was that her ears are pierced. I don't think he liked that so much, hes a little old fashion :) I'm so thankful we got to visit with them and see grandpa.
We also went to the Santa Ana Zoo before we left because we didn't get to go to the San Diego Zoo. As you can see Ezra got to ride the elephant.. he was laughing the whole time.
It was a great trip. I wish we could've made it out to the ocean but we didn't get it in. next time!

On a side note, Devin and I are both going to school full time now so if I don't update as much or you don't see me on facebook as much you know why!also remember that if you click on the collage it makes it bigger!
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Amelia and Elliott Smith said...

I'm so happy you guys were able to get away for a little bit.

You are going to school full time! Are you crazy?! :)

Tami said...

You are both going to school full tmie?!! Good luck! You will be so glad when you are done!! That is way cool you got to go to a Spanish ward! A Spanish speaking guy in our ward blessed the Sacrament in Spanish last Sunday and it just made me so happy and brought a great spirit into the room! Yo amo Espanol!!

Suzi said...

Oh that looks like so much fun, I remember the play area at sea world and spending half the time there! Your pictures look so fun and your hair looks great as usual.