Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had such a wonderful Christmas. It started off by spending Christmas Eve with my friend Shea and her family. We had awesome food, white elephant, talent shows, read from Luke, singing Christmas songs, and really just great company. For the white elephant Devin insisted we give a live fish, and we did... I'm not sure the person who got it was too thrilled.
Christmas Morning we got up our usual time of 7am and Santa had the living room stet up with all the toys and gifts. Ezra was so excited to see his toys, Rylie i think just wanted to play with whatever Ezra was. The kids were pretty spoiled this year. Ezra got 2 different buzz toys and p.j.s to match, stacking blocks, puzzles, cars and trucks.. all the fun boy stuff. Rylie got some stuffed animals, books, a grocery cart, and a leap frog farm animal toy. Santa brought both of them a tent with a fun tunnel. Devin got work clothes, a rubix cube, Star Trek, and a homemade date night book/coupon book thing I made for him. I got some really nice clothes and some money to shop some more! We also got a super nice mattress topper, i love my bed again :)
After we opened presents we went to Tucson to spend time with my Dad and Terri. We had a nice time and had an awesome dinner! Then we decided to go and visit GG and Papa down at the ranch. I am making a whole different collage of that b/c we went down to the coral and petted the horses, good times!
All in all we had a great Christmas, a great 2009 and look forward to 2010 with hope and with a determination to make it as great as 2009.

*the hat Rylie is wearing with the pink flower Devin crochet and made a matching scarf for me.. super cute.

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Carly Jane said...

Fun! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas :). I would probably have been a wreck at teh Ranch too. Little tiny fingers and big horse teeth...

I miss you! I smile every time I think of you!